Womankind Counseling Center

a group psychotherapy practice established in 1977

Our Mission

Womankind Counseling Center provides an environment where people feel free to explore their feelings, confront their fears, discover their strengths, and gain control of their lives.  Established in 1977 to work primarily with women, Womankind has now grown to be a place where women, men, children, and families can focus on the central concerns of their lives.  These include questions about self esteem, relationships and sexuality, feelings of loneliness and loss, and increasing awareness of the choices one can make to achieve a more meaningful life.  


Honoring Diversity

Therapists at Womankind Counseling Center are licensed mental health clinicians with a wide range of experience.  WCC is committed to a model of psychological health that respects and values diversity.  We believe in helping people overcome personal, institutional and cultural barriers to well-being.