Womankind Counseling Center

a group psychotherapy practice established in 1977

Learning the Skills To Cope


A group for women to learn and practice healthy living

  • Learn how thoughts, feelings and behaviors are connected
  • develop increased self-awareness
  • learn and practice new ways to cope with old and new stresses in your life
  • practice effective ways to get your needs met

10 sessions, Tuesday nights from 5:15 to 6:45 pm

March 19 through May 21, 2019

Ann-Marie Tessier MSW & Anna Ruef PhD 

The Learning the Skills to Cope group is a 10-session, structured education and skills training group for women who have experienced trauma. Ann-Marie and Anna will describe common reactions to trauma and help women evaluate their own coping strategies. They will teach mindfulness, relaxation and other coping skills. They will review the basics of cognitive-behavioral theory and help women to observe and assess their own emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Participants will learn how to modify thoughts and behaviors to manage emotions and to cope better. Women who are actively abusing alcohol or drugs or who are suicidal are unlikely to benefit from this group.

To participate in the group, women must call Womankind Counseling Center and schedule a brief free phone appointment with Ann-Marie or Anna. 

Group members are required to be in individual therapy to be eligible to participate. Call Ann-Marie or Anna at 225-2985 for further information and to schedule a brief phone appointment. Payment of $400 (or a sliding scale fee agreed upon with the group leader) is required in full on or before 9/25/18; no one will be turned away because of difficulty with cost.

Funded in part by the Sheila Stanley Community Counseling Fund and The Womankind Counseling Center